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Peter Smith
He is currently working as a cock holster in hell...it's a full time job...7 days a week...24 hours a day....for eternity and he loves it....
Comment from : Peter Smith

Cobra Craig SS
This guy and Stalin have a lot of similarities
Comment from : Cobra Craig SS

Mhelbert Salinas
Just like any other communist ... an educated fool at best
Comment from : Mhelbert Salinas

Rockers From Hell
Pol pot should have had been tied to a tree and c4 'ed.
Comment from : Rockers From Hell

Rockers From Hell
Paranoia, xenephobia,idoltry through their own image in public... Cambodia, Korea, China, its a real problem in Asia.
Comment from : Rockers From Hell

National Dengism
Pol Pot(PBUH) is a forgotten hero of history demonized and misrepresented by western propaganda
Comment from : National Dengism

Polpot rising from the communist wing of Cambodia which innitially supported by both China and Vietnam. In the start of the Polpot, he seemed not really have any power nor political influence in Cambodia. During Vietnam war, Polpot normally only making some small offensive attack in moonsoon season, then all remaining offensive. Vietnam first support Polpot as they need Polpot for the Ho Chi Minh trail to move supplies and men to fight in South of Vietnam. China supported Polpot as they are communist as Vietnam and China successfully pulled Sihanouk to lean on them and keep US off the Cambodia. But before Lonnon making a coup d 'etat and over thrown Sihanouk ( while Sihanouk in USSR but USSR refused to interfere) Sihanouk now have only choice to fully leaned on China. China making a "wedding" between Sihanouk and Polpot and from that time Polpot became a political power in Cambodia as Sihanouk is living god of Cambodian farmers.

Based on the military support from China and the political influence of Sihanouk, Polpot rised and overthrown Lonnon in Feb 1975. The relationship between China and Polpot is tighten as China is key supply of arms and finance to Polpot. Polpot started attacking Phu Quoc and Tho Chu island of Vietnam right in Jun 1975. In Apr 1975, though being a head of state, Sihanouk is house arrested as he no longer needed by Polpot nor China.

Polpot is simple evil, he hate Vietnameses and Chineses who living in Cabodia. He hate anyone who is "capitalism" and he is seriously under the extreme influence of Cultural Revolution in China and Mao. For him, Cambodian needed to be cleaned from capitalism, from foreigners. That why he killed all Vietnamese, even chinese traders, and intellectual Cambodian. He is a product of native evil communism plus extremist nationalism. Vietnam supported him a while then got the burnden to clean him off. China is considering him as hero and support him to the last minute. Thailand and even Singapore also support him. And Sihanouk himself has been nursing him to be a demon.

I believe, all countries like China, Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore has involved in the rise of Polpot but China is the greatest home to this demon.

Comment from : Viet

Johnny Casteel
This documentary is disingenuous AF and completely paints a false narrative.
Comment from : Johnny Casteel

haman saad
i am here cuse Jeremy Clarkson ask me to watch it
Comment from : haman saad

uba chukwudi
Pol was an evil monster!
Comment from : uba chukwudi

Plywoodcar Johnson
Wonder if the bombings didn't help motivating the communists.
Comment from : Plywoodcar Johnson

Richie Mellowe
Hi, I'm Cambodian!
Having watched this Documentary really gave me a new aspect of the man and his ways than my history class ever can!
I am grateful for this channel. *****

Comment from : Richie Mellowe

Pol Pot picked up his ideology, and was influenced exponentially listening to the likes of Satre and various French new left intellectuals while he was in France; he then brought these thoughts with him back to Cambodia and put them into action. No real accountability there eh?
Comment from : DiamorphineDeath

Buddhist novice. Coincidentally these are the same Buddhist killing the Rohingya. These people that claim to be spiritual are really the problem.
Comment from : Rod

Tony Midyett
The narrator's accent was so veddy veddy posh that I had to rewind the video several times to make out what he was saying. Blimey!
Comment from : Tony Midyett

Bastard Bill
Dead Kennedys brought me here
Comment from : Bastard Bill

Judo Chop
was he a pedo?
Comment from : Judo Chop

Marsi Selekta
Fuking communist regime and poi pot god punish him forever
Comment from : Marsi Selekta

camera duong
The dumbest thing that polpot did was , messed with the wrong dude hochiminh .
Comment from : camera duong

Blacky Chan
Take note AOC supporters. Communism always fails.
Comment from : Blacky Chan

andrew hager
The SJW of today could learn a thing or two.
Comment from : andrew hager

Martin Carranza
America is the most guliable nation to think everything outside of its own borders are fine, thats why USA lost the war to Vietnam & Laos as they turned to Communist China for ally help to kick out so-called Democracy. History is repeating itself with USA lost the war to Taliban in Afghanistan and Pakistan and USA is letting Russia step in in Syria with Turkey help but i think it will just get worse for the USA as time goes on and USA stops truelly caring about everyone outside of its borders.
Comment from : Martin Carranza

There's a little Pol Pot in every bernie sanders supporter.... Because true socialism / communism has never been tried.
Comment from : MitchMoe

Paul Bauman
One thing I do credit Pol Pot for is ridding the products that are damaging the wildlife. That’s something I find interesting his world, let alone the atrocities on those innocent people.
Comment from : Paul Bauman

Boris Godzinevski
Pure sociopathic madman. In 4 years he killed a quarter of his people in the most abhorrent ways. And lived a full life after. Never truly brought to justice.
Comment from : Boris Godzinevski

Angela Martin
And American leftists want our guns taken! This is so sad. We're not taught of this' only Hitler. I'm so sorry😐😠
Comment from : Angela Martin

How do these singular evil people get others to do all that torturing and killing for them? Somehow these monsters unlock the monster in others.
Comment from : fanobennemsi

Pol Pot is probably the single reason why Cambodia is a third world today. He fucked the country out of its intellectuals, scholars, artists etc.
Comment from : xadrach

adi Riyandi
Channel sampah ni,buatan america isi kebohongan biasanya dari ni channel
Comment from : adi Riyandi

Abhi Menon
Great Video, but so much biased to western power especially America... U did not even mention about the Agent Orange ... where is that ?Pol Pot is a hero, he was a nationalist, he was saving his country from invasion but this documentary has only lies and partial truth, pol pot wanted Old hindu nation of Cambodia, Largest temple in the world in Angkor Wat and Lord Vishnu resides there.. Pot Pot wanted to restablish the ancient civilizaiton, true hero of hindutva.... outside India.but west ruined him
Comment from : Abhi Menon

Sebastian H
Is no one gonna point out this comment? @17:34
Comment from : Sebastian H

Dylan Waller
I love how they say that he considered modern ideas to be evil yet they keep calling him a communist. Don't they see the irony in that?
Comment from : Dylan Waller

Slam Dunk
Watch the film 'The Killing Fields.'
Comment from : Slam Dunk

I hate all the evil dictators...they have no regard for life.
Comment from : gokarengo

Nick Harris
Seems the film of Cambodia in the 70’s was mainly black and white.
Comment from : Nick Harris

Nick Harris
The 20th century :
The end of evil imperialism/colonialism.
The lunacies of communism and nazism.
Pol Pot was an evil lunatic.

Comment from : Nick Harris

chhan sokunthika
I'm from Cambodia and feel very ashamed because of him, my country is still suffering, the country had many smart, great people with education but this fucker had to come and start saying education is a sign of threat and kill the people with educations and know what is right and wrong, go ahead if you think the royal family are corrupted pigs, doesn't really matter because the royal family aren't corrupted, their governors are. You just had to destroy our tradition and culture
Comment from : chhan sokunthika

Alice Rizing
It's so devastating
Comment from : Alice Rizing

Tony Dardi
Aren’t you glad you live in America?
Comment from : Tony Dardi

Scarry how this all happened less than a century ago.
Comment from : Naturenerd1000

Pete Tong
The documentary leaves out the Important fact of Pol Pots sister being the old Kings concubine while he was just a school boy.
Comment from : Pete Tong

Olivia Wolf Hye
Now fellas, Pol Pot is what you would call a ឆ្កែ.
He deserves 2,000,000 punches

Comment from : Olivia Wolf Hye

Em Jay
Mao and Pol Pot were great buddies.
Only good commie is a dead commie.

Comment from : Em Jay

Just another ISIS like , Stalin like jackass piece of garbage.
Comment from : LJKfromJHB

Clarence Hamm
Political cleansing, religious cleansing, ethnic cleansing, racial cleansing- been happening forever, only the names change
Comment from : Clarence Hamm

fish mann
I’ll be glad when we finally get common sense and stay the fuck out of the armpits of the world. Not one real working American wants anything to do with policing the world. Let them all settle shit the way it’s been done for centuries. Tired of being blamed for shit that neither benefits myself or the working people of the US.
Comment from : fish mann

This Pol Pot fella was a real jerk
Comment from : TheHalfNam

Jonny Lumberjack
Richard Holbrooke - what a cock.
Comment from : Jonny Lumberjack

Danny Magarrell
Im disgusted with the monster(s) that ran this bloody genocidal regime. It’s not my word, it’s the millions of lives taken and the babies, and the children, and the wives and all the beautiful lives that had the chance to breath, to live productive lives, all ripped by a hypocritical, devil worshipping regime known as the Khmer Rouge, now that’s a metaphor they probably didn’t worship the devil, but Then again, you never know 🤔. I wonder if Pol Pot has something happen to him when he was a child, because even with hitler and Stalin these terrible leaders all had something bad happen to them. I can’t stand this. This was no real communist system this was just a dystopia in general.! So evil and deceptive! I hope that we all learn from the past, and move forward with a much brighter future. There’s something new we can learn each and every single day.
Comment from : Danny Magarrell

Soneki Ken
Pol pot regime ended cuz they stupidly attack vietnam with low military power
Comment from : Soneki Ken

kdrl nakle
Whatever was the real story about Cambodia is now only told by one side, the anti-communist western side. The irrationality of the stuff you can see here has to make you think how is this at all possible. And if you start thinking like that then the next question you would ask is whether you are getting propaganda instead of the truthful account of history. Pol Pot has killed 1/4 of countrymen while American B-52 bombing was only for the purpose of democratization? Make me believe.
Comment from : kdrl nakle

Andrew Hawthorne
Half of communist ideology is industrialization, Pol Pot was a primitive nationalist who did not instill a single piece of communist legislature.
Comment from : Andrew Hawthorne

Biased documentaries aren’t educational but propaganda
Comment from : ClimaxvGaming

Transgender prophet Muhammad
Replacing modern tech with primitive one and everyone who doesn't agree is an animal?
Sounds a bit like Germany today...

Comment from : Transgender prophet Muhammad

Khmer News
Comment from : Khmer News

Good old Blighty
Anything is possible when people believe they are doing the right thing,what happened in Cambodia can happen anywhere in the world given the right conditions.the nazis ,starlings communism etc..true evil only happens when good people do nothing(I’m not sure if I got that saying right,please correct me if I got that saying wrong)☮️🙏💕💛👍
Comment from : Good old Blighty

Kevin Heintz
Vietnam stopped the Khmer Rouge regime. The US made its regime possible.
Comment from : Kevin Heintz

THX1188 8855
Folks, ugh... there is no evidence to prove america or the cia funded pol pot its only allagations. (Which have not been proven)
Comment from : THX1188 8855

hassan khan
America supported Pol Pot.
Comment from : hassan khan

Pol pots breakfast... is to kill people..
Comment from : KIKONG KALIKOT

Champa Putih
It was a nightmare of humanity history. It's the most the scarest victm memory humana being. It still affected to Cambodian people untill now.
Comment from : Champa Putih

Cuz Sparta
سبب هذا الشر و الجريمة هو الإعتقاد أن الإنسان مجرد ذرات و هو الإعتقاد الإلحادي الذي لا وازع ديني له ...الحمد لله على عدل الإسلام ..يقول الله تعالى ( و لقد كرمنا بني آدم ) ...و لكن هذا المجرم pol pot لا يؤمن بالله و لذلك لم يعطي للإنسان أي قيمة فقتل الملايين ...
Comment from : Cuz Sparta

Cambodia are nation of ungrateful.
Comment from : Niyorills

Comrade Angkar
Such bullshit
Comment from : Comrade Angkar

Joel Valasek
This documentary barely touched on methods and reasons for this atrocious mass murder and in many instances bring in western intervention as some kind of implied catalyst... The people were starved and murdered by their own failed system of govt; the seizing of all aspects of life. Communism kills
Comment from : Joel Valasek

What a good example of how US interventionism and foreign interference can result something even more horrible than what they used to have. Same thing with the Middle east today - US intervention left these countries destroyed, destabilized and people are radicalized to hate the US...
Comment from : oblivion

This is why i stay home and smoke weed
Comment from : M

jake trask
Henry Kissinger armed this man after Zero Hour to the fight the Vietnamese. Thank God the Vietnamese overthrew his government cuz America was happy to keep him around
Comment from : jake trask


I fear America is starting to slowly go into this direction with trump
Comment from : HotNCold

Mila Thomas
This is going to be India's immediate future, the only people who will escape this are the NRI's and their children
Comment from : Mila Thomas

Rakshith Sridharan
I want to be like Pol pot to the Muslims and Christians in India.
Comment from : Rakshith Sridharan

David McAllister
I'm glad communism worried well for everyone
Comment from : David McAllister

Godfrey Drani john
No one has ever change his country's name except pol pot when he changed his country's name from Cambodia to the Republic of Cambodia
Comment from : Godfrey Drani john

Very interesting the similarities between the rise of the Khmer Rouge and ISIS in Iraq and Syria. What better a way to destroy a strong nationalistic country than to let the extremists within it do it for you? Obomber had a chance to stamp out ISIS back in 2012 in the Anbar province, the Sunnis were ready to help the US forces go house to house, if necessary, to rid this planet of them. But Obomber pulled the US forces back. ISIS, and its wahabist extremism, sprouted anew. It blossomed into the terror that it is recognized to be today. ISIS then when about the task of destroying what remained of Iraq's stability. They then moved on Syria... interestingly, Iraq and Syria are major enemies of Israel. What benefit would the Rothschild banking elite gain from a destruction of a strong nation-state? Everything. Another area of the world destabilized and destroyed ....and more susceptible to influences like the IMF.. an entity that thrives on the carcasses of third world countries: yoking them to the slavery of debt.
Comment from : sidfor911truth

david johnson
and there is a film called (ashes in the snow)it"s about the purge in lithania i know nothing to do with this,it"s about communism, who needs it................
Comment from : david johnson

david johnson
who remembers the film, the killing field"s..........
Comment from : david johnson

Electrophorus Electricus
What I don't understand is how Pol Pot managed to live out his life and die peacefully of old age in his own country after all his crimes???!!! Wtf!??
Comment from : Electrophorus Electricus


Thanh TC
But America tried to hide that they supported him,even after crushed by Vietnam in 1979 and fled to Thailand,Pot Pot still got seat in UN for several years.The goods for refugees in Thailand of UN supported for Pol Pot also.
Comment from : Thanh TC

Kim Mac
Great Documentary😭
Comment from : Kim Mac

i see xzibit in the cut and nigga roll that weed up!
Comment from : ferg

greg furtiere
I hope Pol Pot suffers immensely in his next life.
Comment from : greg furtiere

Communism at it's finest. Isn't socialism just grand ! ( sarcasm )
Comment from : Whitemale888

thomas peeno
Remember this anytime an ignorant tool or traitor calls for gun control
Comment from : thomas peeno

Papa Paye
Rethink what you think,overcome hate with love , love will overcome violence.
Comment from : Papa Paye

what makes me mad is that after he fucked up his whole country, a reporter asked if he regret what he had done. he did not! and die peacefully at old age. guess karma is all bullshit
Comment from : duelbuster123

Same category as Stalin , Truman, Churchill etc.
Comment from : JC MONTE CARLO

The British are going down! Every one knows that this video is pure propaganda for some other force.
Comment from : MR. MR.

Fat Cat
pol pot was a hero he got rid of the feminist and white knight cucks he saved the country
Comment from : Fat Cat

Robert H
the lazy bastard! 1 in 4 was his best?
Comment from : Robert H

Testing Testing
Mao, Kissinger and Bush senior created PolPot to experiment with population extermination. PolPot is the least culpable of them, although he is guilty of it.
Comment from : Testing Testing

Hafiz Firliansyah
38:37 That's Indonesian Armed Forces(Army)As Part Of UN Peacekeeper Forces March In The Countryside Of Cambodia Under The Crowds Of Cambodians.
Comment from : Hafiz Firliansyah

Christino Sim
I am born in this country
Comment from : Christino Sim

just for funn# official
worthless asshole
Comment from : just for funn# official

just for funn# official
worthlrss asshole
Comment from : just for funn# official

Bachmann George
thx vietnam to free Cambodia👍🇰🇭🇻🇳
Comment from : Bachmann George

John Mckenya
Pol Pot is probably one of the most if not the most evil man
Comment from : John Mckenya

lol @ everyone who thinks this is Marxism
Comment from : Lascivious

Jiwo Ganteng
38:35 indonesian army?
Comment from : Jiwo Ganteng

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