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The land and the whole country was "sold" so they did not need khmer people they only want the emptied land that was why they accused all Khmer people their enemies so they created a circle killing for example A killed B , C killed A ,D killed C, E killed D etc. until no Khmer left.
Comment from : Looserbird

Did the world know the exact amount of Khmer population before the war? I think that 3 million killed was not correct because most Khmer people did not have birth certificates, I lived through this killing field period and everywhere throughout Cambodia were surrounded by dead bodies,
Comment from : Looserbird

Only Pol Pot is to blame,only Pol Pot and the khmer rouge regime is to blame that make Cambodia fall into a deep pit of hell and ultimately brought Cambodia to what is is now, 20 years behind Thailand and Hun Sen dictator in power for 30 years.
Comment from : camae62

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